Apache HTTP Server Version 1.3

Module mod_auth_ip

This module is contained in the mod_auth_ip.c file, and is not compiled in by default. It provides for user authentication by source IP address.
  • AuthenticateIP

  • AuthenticateIP

    Syntax: AuthenticateIP username address/network ...
    Context: directory, .htaccess
    Override: AuthConfig
    Status: Contributed
    Module: mod_auth_ip

    The AuthenticateIP directive allow some addresses to override authentication. Address/network is a (possibly multiple) network specification, and username is the username assumed if client address match network specification.

    Address/network parameters use these formats:

    Format Example Address range Description
    Address Only Single IP address
    Address Prefix 212.38.
    212.38 to Class network IP address
    Network/Bits to N-bits netmask
    Network/Netmask to Netmask definition
    Network/.NetmaskSuffix to Netmask suffix definition
    Not-address to Address range
    Not-address ! to and to
    Negative address matching
    Not-address ! to and to
    Negative address range

    See also AuthName, AuthType and AuthUserFile.

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